lördag 20 november 2010

Let's Fly

Videon är äntligen här!! En perfekt video och låt för alla smokers därute som försöker hålla snön tålbar i vinter! Smoke some biatch!

This is the 2nd video to drop off Allyawan's mixtape "Dj Foolish presents iChronicles 1.0".. Download @ http://www.allyawan.com

A song that, pretty much, speaks for itself!
There has been quite some deception around the illegacy of Marijuana..
But no matter what is being told, alotta of people enjoy smoking that shit to cool off and see things from a calm and real perspective..
It's easy to get caught up in life and to forget all and everything that be important in it..
We made this song to manifest our love for this source of relaxation..
Bump this video and smoke a fattie..

Track: Allyawan ft. Hazardous Hab - Let's Fly
Mixtape: Dj Foolish presents iChronicles 1.0
Video: Daniel Larsson

Blu Duk Mov.
Mas Loco Ent.
Addictive Alliance Film ltd

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